It depends on the right technology.

The success of an event is due to countless details. We make sure that everything is ready for you at the right place and at the right time. The in-house equipment of the Congress Loipersdorf includes modern communication and presentation tools as well as stages in various sizes. If required, special lighting and sound technology is requested from our technical partner 4Events. 



Beamer equipment:  
5 x Beamer NEC  
ceiling projector room cedar incl.screen (3,97m x 3,70m)  
Screens additionally: per day
2x screens big (3,9m x 2,9m) à EUR 55,00
3x screens middle (3m x 2,2m) à EUR 45,00
2x screens small (2,3m x 1,7m) à EUR 35,00
sound equipment - (excl. personal): per day
Handheld radio microphone à EUR 25,00
Headset à EUR 25,00
Stage sound in the room cedar EUR 140,00
Stage sound in the room cedar + maple EUR 210,00
Stage sound in the room cedar + maple + larche EUR 290,00
1x Soundcraft 10 canal mixer EUR 40,00
2x Mackie 7 canal mixer à EUR 30,00
2x Behringer 7 canal mixer à EUR 30,00
Mobile sound system incl. Small mixer EUR 190,00
light technical - (excl. personal)  per day
Stage lighting static white in the hall cedar EUR 280,00
Stage lighting static color in the hall cedar EUR 450,00
Ambient lighting in the room Cedar EUR 120,00
Ambient lighting in all other rooms EUR 95,00

All listed prices per piece / per day.

House sound system for announcements / speeches and background music as well as, if required, a presentation kit is included in the room rental.

Next equipment: per day
Pinnwand EUR 20,00
Flipchart incl. paper and pens EUR 20,00
Lectern made of metal with flat or sloping top à EUR 25,00
DVD Player Philipps à EUR 10,00
CD-Player á EUR 10,00
Flatscreen mobile EUR 50,00
Rental laptop for playing presentations EUR 50,00
Presenter (bis 5 Stück) free of charge
Laserpointer (bis 3 Stück) free of charge
hydraulic ramp EUR 100,00

all prices per pices and day.


dance floor unique
42m² EUR 1.140,00

The quoted price includes transport, erection and dismantling


electricity: per day
power connection 230 V, 16A EUR 30,00
power connection 400 V, 16A EUR 50,00
power connection 230 V, 32A EUR 80,00
power connection 230 V, 63A EUR 100,00
power connection 230 V, 125A EUR 130,00
Further montages:  
Dumpster on demand
Water connection including consumption EUR 40,00
EUR 500,00 hole building
EUR 250,00 Foyer

At ball and dance events as well as at parties and discos, a cleaning surcharge will be charged.

Personal Calculation according to actual effort
fixed booked technician / per hour  EUR 40,00
Tag personnel / per hour EUR 35,00
cleaning personal / per hour EUR 35,00
Differents: per pices
black and white copy A4, EUR 0,10
colour copy A4, EUR 0,15
black and white copy A3, EUR 0,20
colour copy A3, EUR 0,30